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Everyone has a story. We are all on an adventure called LIFE.


2020 – the Year of Perfect Vision and Beyond.

This is when we are moving into the New Consciousness. We are going through a time of great change. 

During times of change, we can feel discombobulated or feel confused or feel uncomfortable as we are pushed out of our comfort zone. What used to make sense suddenly does not.  What was familiar is suddenly foreign. This is much more so as we are moving towards the New Consciousness – where the level of change that we are going through is greater. We are seeing this at a macro level – in the geopolitical arena for example – as well as at an individual level.

My vision is to help as many as possible to move into the New Consciousness as comfortably as possible.  I am a graduate in Psychology, and have been working as a therapist and international trainer for a decade now.  I have garnered these skills to develop self help online courses to help empower souls as we are moving through this change.

I am also an author – having used many of these tools I teach and use as a therapist, including Past Life Regression and Between Life Spiritual Regression, to culminate into a series of books that enable us to challenge the veils of illusion, to see the deeper aspects, and to create a life in the New Consciousness that is fully aligned with our deepest resonance.

Welcome to this sacred space where you can come home to yourself, seek guidance and find inspiration.

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My vision as an author, trainer and therapist is for each individual to be totally empowered as you journey towards embracing and honouring your Authentic Selves, and to be supported as you move towards the New Vibration.

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