Hi! I Am Reena

making New Consciousness Living accessible in a practical, grounded way.


In 2012, I made a commitment to move in to the New Consciousness by living in the high vibration, and the learning has been intense and exhilarating. Now, I am passionate in helping others do the same by making New Consciousness Living accessible to all in a practical, grounded way.

In 1998, I graduated in Psychology and Philosophy, hoping to pursue a career in psychology to help people heal. However, at that time, I felt I was not ready to serve in this capacity because I felt like something was missing. So I entered the corporate arena and worked in the media industry for 10 years.

All this changed in 2007 when I came across the Past Life Regression Academy. Combining proven real world psychotherapeutic techniques with holistic spiritual tools and philosophies, I was introduced to a modality that enabled deep diving into myself and my international clients for complete mind, body, spirit transformation.

In 2012, I became a certified international trainer of the Past Life Regression Academy, training regression therapists in UK, US, Australia and Singapore.

Having found deep contentment and satisfaction with helping people with their soul evolution, I made a commitment for my own soul evolution, and discovered the Advanced Vibrational Techniques in the New Plane. This is all about transitioning and living in the New Consciousness with calm, peace and empowerment. We are shattering the veils of illusion of the Old Consciousness and are creating this New World that we are moving into.

I have authored a series of books (the critically acclaimed and award winning Shrouded Truth, The Magdalene Lineage and Divine Consciousness) that enable us to challenge the veils of illusion, to see the deeper aspects, and to create a life in the New Consciousness that is fully aligned with our deepest resonance. I have also designed self help online courses to help participants walk through to the New Consciousness with support. Through these books, one to one sessions, self help online courses and workshops in Advanced Vibrational Techniques, I help people navigate and live in the New Consciousness through practical, accessible and grounded tips and techniques.

Welcome to this sacred space where you can come home to yourself, seek guidance and find inspiration to move into the New Consciousness with ease and comfort.

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