Advanced Vibrational Healing Therapy

Healing with high vibrational energy whilst you are asleep, in the comfort of your own space. Distance healing with the energy of the New Consciousness is potent and powerful, with faster effects than we are used to. A new way of healing inline with the arrival of the New Consciousness.

During the recent years, the Earth has been going though an intense shift in vibration, from the third dimension to a higher dimension. This has resulted in a thinning of the veil to planes at a higher vibration. In order to continue existing in these new vibrations, everything on the planet needs to vibrate at the same frequency to maintain harmony with the new frequencies. We, as humans, need to shift our own vibrations in order to be in resonance with these higher energies in these new planes.

This shift has also enabled us to access stronger more potent energies. Having access to these new energies gives us a new tool to do things differently, in accordance to the new vibrational plane that we find ourselves in. Advanced Vibrational Healing uses these new high frequency energies as an effective, deeper and precise healing modality that helps clients overcome emotional, mental and sometimes even physical challenges.

Much of this work is done via distance healing, whilst clients are in a safe environment that they feel comfortable in. It is best if the client is asleep or in a relaxed state, laying down. Clients who are awake at the time of the session experience the energies differently – some see colours, some feel it, and some just fall asleep as the work is conducted. This is all part of how the client assimilates and intergrates the energy. It is very gentle but deep work and will affect the clients in different ways, but will get to the root of the problem.

The end result for these sessions is for everyone to not only overcome their personal challenges, but also shed all the layers preventing them from embracing their Divine Resonance. When we embrace and embody our divine selves, we will be in true resonance with the higher energies in the New Consciousness, and we can BE in the New Resonance with ease, living a life of joy and love.


How does Advanced Vibrational Healing Work?

Advanced Vibrational Healing is a gentle yet powerful healing process that works best whilst you are either relaxing or sleeping. The work is done by distance healing with you being in the comfort of your own home.
The Process :

– You and I will have a one hour confidential Skype session to gather some history and agree on priorities and challenges that we will work on.

– Immediately after the Skype session, I will conduct the first energy session.

– It is best for you to be laying down or better yet, be asleep while I do this work, to let the energies integrate

– Once I have conducted the work, I will email you a report, detailing the findings and the details of the work, and suggestions of self work if needed

– Sometimes the effects of the work will be felt immediately, and sometimes it will take awhile, depending on what we are working on

– Before your next scheduled session, I would need some feedback about the effects of the previous session and how it has impacted you, to guide the next session. Open communication between us is important to improve the efficiency of the sessions

– After the session, most clients feel tired the day after. So it is good to schedule rest or down time immediately after and the day after the session

– Some challenges can be worked on with just two sessions, but the deeper challenges will need more sessions.

– The number of sessions will be determined by how intense each individual session is and how deep the challenge is that we are working on. Some clients work monthly with me when there are a number of challenges that have complicated threads tangled between them.

– Self work to integrate the new energies into real life is important to solidify the effects of the session

What clients have to say



The first session is two hours long and is comprised of an hour long Skype consultation and an energy session. During the Skype consultation, after a chat about your history, a mutually agreed program will be tailor made for each challenge that a client is faced with. Both individual sessions and monthly packages are available. All sessions have to be paid upfront to confirm your prefered time slot.

First session: GBP 150 for 2 hours

Hourly Rate: GBP 80 for 1 hour

Monthly Package Rate (1 hour each week): GBP 300 (4 weeks) or GBP 375 (5 weeks)

All costs are based on bank transfers within the UK. For international transfers, an extra GBP 10 needs to be added per transfer to cover bank fees.