Advanced Vibrational Training Technique

Living in the High Vibrational Energy of the New Consciousness

As we move into the New Consciousness, we will be moving into a different way of living. This  7 day workshop is designed to experience living in the New Consciousness high vibrational energy. It includes lecture, interactive discussion, demonstrations and practice sessions, to harness and use high vibrational energy. Using practical tools, the workshop helps us acclimatise to the New Consciousness in our daily lives.

How can we shift our vibration?

During the recent years, Earth has been going though an intense shift in vibration, from the third dimension to a higher dimension. This has resulted in a thinning of the veil to planes at a higher vibration. In order to continue existing in these new vibrations, everything on the planet needs to vibrate at the same frequency to maintain harmony with the new frequencies. Social systems, human culture and behaviour, political and economic situations at lower resonance will cease to exist as we know it. We, as humans, need to shift our own vibrations in order to be in resonance with these higher energies in these new planes.
This shift has also enabled us to access stronger more potent energies. Having access to these new energies gives us a different tool to do things differently, in accordance to the new vibrational plane that we find ourselves in. We find ourselves having access to many new ways of Being. The Council of Beings of Light are spiritual beings that have come from a part of the cosmos that has gone through similar changes that are now happening on Earth. They wish to work with souls on Earth that are of the right vibrational level to pass on energy techniques that they found helpful in their change. This includes how to live life in a different way in these new energies and ultimately embody the energy itself.

What does the training include?

How to raising personal energy vibrations through changes in diet, detox, energy protection, increasing the vibrations in our place of living, the use of sound and crystals.

Understanding when and how to use different energies

Different outlets in the body for directing energy

Defensive use of energy against psychic attacks

Offensive use of energy techniques

Healing with new high vibration energy

Manifesting our desires with new high vibration energy

Embodying and new ways of living in the high vibrations of the new plane

Personal responsibilities and constraints using high vibrational energy

Attunement to the Council of Beings of Light

What clients have to say

What is Vibrational Energy?

Every object, including human organs, has a natural healthy vibratory rate. If a part of the body begins to vibrate out of resonance it creates disharmony, which produces ill health. The existing ways to treat energy imbalances and disharmonies are using different energy techniques such as flower essences, sound, therapeutic grade essential oils, acupuncture, hands-on healing, crystals. Each individual sound, colour, crystal, or flower essence has a specific quality that is beneficial for a particular human organ or system. Other therapies that work with the emotion or thoughts causing of the problem also bring back energy harmony. This includes past life and regression therapy. Now, we ourselves can access and channel the energies that can bring the body back to harmony. In the Higher Frequencies, we can also work with vibrational energies for different things. The Council of Beings of Light have shared some simple techniques that we can utilise whilst existing in this new plane. The incredibly subtle, fine energies can enhance our way of Being in this new Vibrational Plane, and the Advanced Energy Techniques gives a simple yet effective methods of using energies in a powerful yet harmonic way in this new dimension.

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