Radiant Light Series

Radiant Light Series originally came about as an exploration of the past life of one person into one past life.  With any explorative journey, we always end up in a different place to where we thought we would. New discoveries are made everyday to shift us off course to continue the searching and seeking.  Such was the case here. This exploration of one person’s past life exploded into the fascinating journey of multiple people’s past lives to one of the most recognizable periods in history – the Biblical time – to one of the most popular stories known to us.

Radiant Light Series is more than the study into a religion or into the life of an enigmatic, inspiring person.  It is a revelation of the deep spiritual beliefs that was understood and practised more than 2000 years ago. Radiant Light Series is the discovery of the true relationship between the spirit of man and the spirit of the God.

It challenges us to look deeply into our inner core and unveil the biggest shrouded truth of them all – our own glorious divinity.


The Magdalene Lineage

Look out for Reena Kumarasingham's next book - The Magdalene Lineage - out in 2019.
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My vision as an author, trainer and therapist is for each individual to be totally empowered as you journey towards embracing and honouring your Authentic Selves, and to be supported as you move towards the New Vibration.

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