The Magdalene Lineage

A Powerful Book Inspiring Our Divine Feminine

The Magdalene Lineage – Past Life Journeys into The Sacred Feminine Mysteries – is about empowering the Divine Feminine.  Mary Magdalene is the embodiment of the  Divine Feminine and her powerful teachings will inspire us to follow in her legacy to embrace and empower our Divine Feminine. 


For two thousand years, Mary Magdalene has been a veiled silhouette, a shadow of her vibrant self. An enigmatic figure, she was shrouded in mystery, a feminine caricature of either the purest of saints or the most repentant of sinners. 

Two thousand years have buried her, her lineage and her legacy.

Through the past life journeys of eight souls, backed by academic research and oral tradition, journey with Mary Magdalene from the age of six to sixty. Discover intimate knowledge of her as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a spiritual teacher – the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Her daughter, Tamar, the product, initiate and bearer of her legacy, continues her sacred teachings of the feminine mysteries. 

This is their story – the story of the Divine Feminine in spirituality.  


“Books have been written before about The Divine Feminine, but The Magdalene Lineage holds a different focus than most, seeking to integrate the spiritual concepts of The Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine with the traditional religious portrait of Mary Magdalene. Because this event has resulted in innumerable suffering over the eons, it’s important to define, understand, and address on more than one level, if peace and solidarity is ever to be achieved. This makes The Magdalene Lineage a far more important revelation than any traditional analysis or biography could achieve. “

– D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Mid West Reviews

“A resonance of truth bringing forth a greater understanding of ancient knowing and wisdom of the Divine Feminine into our modern times.”

– Sue Stone, Author, International Speaker, Happiness and Empowerment Leader, Sue Stone Foundation

“This is a daring book; it is full of research and a powerful answer to some of the questions that Christians don’t even have the courage to ask. In this book, the author explores the life of one woman in the Bible and her relationship with Jesus, but she also goes on to examine the truths and stories that the Bible doesn’t allow us to see. Mary Magdalene is presented as a human being in her strengths and vulnerabilities and as an icon of feminine spirituality.A very inspiring and eye-opening book.”

– Readers Favourite Reviews 


Awards for Shrouded Truth

Award-Winner in the Christian Spirituality – Mary Magdalene, Gnostic & Apocryphal category of the 2018, International Soul-Bridge Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards

Award-Winner Finalist in the Reincarnation category of the 3rd Annual Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards

Award-Winner Finalist in the Afterlife – Reincarnation category of the 2018, International Soul-Bridge Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards

Readers’ Favourite Reviews – Five Stars