New Resonance Souls in the New Consciousness

During this time of shifting and lifting of Consciousness, as we move into the New Vibrations, we are seeing a significant number of souls with different resonance, incarnating in human bodies, with the sole purpose of executing a mission to assist with the shift.  We are seeing the emergence of more and more of these souls through Between Life Spiritual Regression sessions. 

In 1994, Dr Michael Newton caused a stir through the publication of his book Journey of Souls. This groundbreaking book documented ten years of research that he had undertaken to navigate souls through the between-life stages, where they can find out the plan that they had agreed to for their current life. This process can be incredibly insightful and poignant, as it gives the regressee a spiritual look at different events, relationships and circumstances of their lives, the pleasant and the not so pleasant, which they then gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for. It has been known to be a life-changing experience. 

Based on the Life Between Life therapy, Between Life Spiritual Regression includes methods to both identify and regression souls of different resonance. Based on the regression of multiple people over a period of five years, these souls of a different resonance can be categorized into five main categories, bearing in mind that these labels are just words that represent different frequency groups. 

  1. Humans – Most souls carry the human resonance and are used to the frequencies of the Earth and the human body. 
  2. Elementals
  3. Interdimensional Beings
  4. Star Seeds
  5. A fifth group has yet to emerge.  All the required star seed souls need to incarnate before this fifth level comes into incarnation.  This has not happened yet. 

Apart from the souls that carry the human resonance, the different resonance souls feel very uncomfortable in their Earth environment. They feel like they do not belong, that they want to go back, that they are trapped, that nobody understands them.  The resonance of these souls does not match the frequency of the Earth, unless the Earth shifts. 

The first book of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, follows the past life memories of eight souls closest to Jesus and takes readers through the turbulent times and events of the biblical era through their eyes. One of the souls who was regressed went back to the life of Sara, the alleged daughter of Jesus.  

During this regression, Sara was in her mind a lot, with constant access and connection with energies.  At the end, it was realised that she was going through these levels of energy shift the whole time, though it manifested in symptoms similar to those who have a different soul resonance.  She had come to bring a new energy to the planet. 

We can learn a lot from Sara and her story in Shrouded Truth, not in the least because she was learning to manage the energy and the connection whilst still being in her body.  It is also educational to learn how those closest to her provided a very supportive, loving and understanding environment so Sara always felt comfortable being who she was and doing what she was meant to do.  She always fit in, despite her differences. 

For those who are not fortunate to live in such supportive conditions, part of the Between Life Spiritual Regression therapy is to find out what the mission is for these souls – why have they chosen to come down in a body and environment that is totally foreign at this time.  The sessions not only validate how they are feeling, but also gives them a renewed sense of purpose to carve out their path to fulfil their mission.  

The ultimate gift is to help all souls totally embrace their authentic soul resonance and fulfil their missions to help with unprecedented the shift we are going through now. 



Hello, I’m Reena

My vision as an author, trainer and therapist is for each individual to be totally empowered as you journey towards embracing and honouring your Authentic Selves, and to be supported as you move towards the New Vibration!

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