Shrouded Truth.

Past Life Book about Jesus Christ

Shrouded Truth – Biblical Revelations through Past Life Journeys – is a groundbreaking book that provides new testimonials about the life of Christ through the past life accounts of eight individuals, backed by academic research.

Two thousand years ago, the Biblical time, was a time of great change.  Jesus Christ and those closest to him were inspiring in their ability to tap into their inner radiant light to navigate a challenging period of chaos.

Over time, their heroic and heart warming stories have been cloaked in shadows…

… Until now.

Through the past life journeys of eight souls, Shrouded Truth unveils the dramatic adventures and emotional experiences of those closest to Jesus Christ, in a quest to unravel false entanglements whilst pursuing a path of spiritual purity.

Backed by tradition and documentary evidence, discover little known information that will challenge previously held beliefs about the Biblical Era, answer some questions and raise a few new ones.

Explore revelations that inspire the recognition and embodiment of our own radiant light through this past life book about Jesus Christ.


“Shrouded Truth – Biblical Revelations through Past Life Journeys walks the path of enlightenment through Biblical references that follow the lives and messages of James, Paul, Mary Magdalene, Thomas, and others; and is a highly recommended pick for Biblical scholars from novices to advanced thinkers.”

– D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Mid West Reviews

“Those who are intent on learning more about Jesus Christ through this type of journey will find this book to be a rare treasure.”

– Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

“This book is very inspiring, and it has knowledge that everyone who is curious about the truth and wanting to deepen their experience of Jesus should read. This book is a rare gift of faith; a book that reveals a power and a spiritual reality that is very accessible to us.”

– Readers Favourite Reviews 


Award-Winner in the Christian Spirituality – Mary Magdalene, Gnostic & Apocryphal category of the 2018, International Soul-Bridge Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards

Award-Winner Finalist in the Reincarnation category of the 3rd Annual Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards

Award-Winner Finalist in the Afterlife – Reincarnation category of the 2018, International Soul-Bridge Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards

Readers’ Favourite Reviews – Five Stars

Shrouded Truth is also sold in Watkins Bookshop, London and Waterstones in the UK. Soul Connection, in Mt. Shasta and Barnes and Nobel in the US.

Image for the cover of Shrouded Truth is painted by a beautiful Artist of Light, Sanja Jovic. For more information on her work, click here

The Magdalene Lineage

Look out for Reena Kumarasingham's next book - The Magdalene Lineage - out in 2019.
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