The Magdalene Lineage – Past Life Journeys into Sacred Feminine Mysteries

Hi there! I am so delighted to announce the launch of my second book : The Magdalene Lineage – Past Life Journeys into The Sacred Feminine Mysteries. 


For two thousand years, Mary Magdalene has been a veiled silhouette, a shadow of her vibrant self.  An enigmatic figure, she was shrouded in mystery – a feminine caricature of either the purest of saints or the most repentant of sinners. 

Two thousand years have buried her, her lineage and her legacy. 

Through past life regression, backed by academic research and oral tradition, journey with Mary Magdalene from the age of six to sixty.  Discover intimate knowledge of her as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a spiritual teacher.  Her daughter Tamar, the product, initiate and bearer of her legacy, continues her sacred teachings. 

This is their story – the story of the feminine in spirituality

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I am so excited for the release of my second book, and I hope that you will enjoy this journey.



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