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Happy 2020 Solstice

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2020

At a rare lunch with a friend this year, she asked me : “When is the light coming through?”

2020 has been a tough year for most of us, especially when our where our lives have been turned upside down, inside out.

The Pandemic has spared no one – everyone has been impacted in some way with this Virus. There seems to be so much loss.  People have lost their lives, loved ones, mental health, businesses, jobs, money, lifestyle. There seems to be so much despair, fear, anger, pain, hopelessness and hurt around.

It just seems so dark.

2020 has been a year when we have been hit with a tsunami of uncertainty and upheaval.  The gift that tsunami brings is an unveiling of things that have been hidden under the surface, and cracking previously hardened paths, unveiling what is and what is not real in the light. 

This year has been an intense one for me. I have shared with everyone that not only did I release three books and three online courses, I contracted Covid-19 severely and had a near death experience from it.

When I told my publisher / mentor about my NDE experience, he told me that he had read and published so many books about people who have gone through NDE and they talk about being rewired after.

While I have fundamentally changed, I would not say that I have been rewired.  The illness and NDE completely blew open through my hardened armour and brought light into who I was to myself with intense honesty.  I saw and acknowledged all my wounds clearly, what I thought was so important was not, and what I had taken for granted or ignored turned out to be the more important.  

I feel that I am the same person but more real.  I can see what is and what is not important to me.  I am more settled in me than drifting with the external.  I feel more deeply peaceful and content.

Similar, the tsunami of this pandemic has revealed cracks in the systems around us. We see governing, government and government roles in a new light; we see the economy in a new light; we see social structures in a new light; we can see our own beliefs in a new light.

So, when my friend asked me over lunch when is the light coming through?

My response was that the light is already here.  The old systems and hardened paths have cracked, at both a personal and macro level…. And through the cracks, the light is shinning on what is and what is not important to us. Once the dust settles then we can just be in the light – in peace and contentment.

However, this does not happen without some work and choices from ourselves. If we are willing to open our eyes and see what is being shown, if we are willing to let go of deeply held beliefs, emotions and wounds, if we are willing to make the changes that the light shows us, we too can be in the light.

The thing with change is that it is just beyond our comfort level. So we all need to go past our comfort level to the change to the New Consciousness that we all crave so deeply. This is not an easy process. However isn’t the reward of being part of the Birthing of a New Earth worth the discomfort of change?

This year, after the worst of my symptoms, I have taken time off from all my work, except fulfilling my obligations to my publisher, to really see what has been unearthed about myself and make changes that is more in line with a more real me. It’s been about six months… and it’s still an ongoing process.

Seeing some aspects have been daunting, embarrassing, and tough. I came to terms with so many things quickly, but for some, it’s still a going on.  But I have come to terms that no matter at what stage of my life that I am at, I will always be a Work In Progress – and that is the beauty of being alive and being me.

So, while the light is here, shining brightly down on the cracks that have been revealed by the events in 2020, the first step is we need to have the courage to open our eyes and honestly look at ourselves and around us at what has been and is being revealed.

The second step is to then to push beyond our comfort zone to make the changes, should we wish to, to walk the path that the light has revealed to us.

While I cannot make these choices and decisions for you, please know we are not alone. I am walking this same path, as are many others.

Let’s do this together.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your amazing support of me this year and all the previous years.  Your time and money are valuable to you, and I am so humbled and grateful that you have chosen to spend it with me, and on what I offer.  Your verbal support, your reviews, taking the time to purchase and read my books, taking my online and live courses, sending me email messages, interviewing me….I just cannot express how precious it is to me.

I do apologise that I have not recorded a video in a while. I am still integrating with the new light – but when I do, I promise I will be back.

Have a wonderful Solstice, end of year holiday, and here is wishing a bright, light filled, 2021 to all of you – with love.


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