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4 Steps to Overcoming Separation for Oneness in the New Consciousness

In a polarised, dual world, we see each other as being different from us. When we see each other as different from us, we play the separation game.

We now have the choice. We can continue to play the divisive games and keep working in the Consciousness of Separation by focusing on external separation and constant competition. OR we can work on looking past the superficial external aspects and go deep within and see the Oneness in all.

This video explains :

a. The different ways we have separated ourselves from one another
b. How the New Consciousness is making us really see and question our beliefs and behaviours
c. Practical Steps of How we can move into Oneness as we move into the New Consciousness

I hope that you enjoy this video, and I hope that it is easier for you to make this important choice, as we transit into the New Consciousness. 



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