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9 Tips to Move from Ego Resonance to Soul Resonance

As we are moving into the New Consciousness, we have the opportunity to embrace what we wish to create and manifest and let go of anything that does not serve us anymore. 

In the Old 3D consciousness, we have been giving too much emphasis on the external, material world. And we are all responsible for the world that we have created through our ego – which values money, success, fame and power. 

As we move into the New Consciousness, we now have a choice to be motivated by our Soul Resonance. Our Soul Resonance is not influenced by the external world, but by our internal Being, and in a deep sense of purpose and knowing.  We are moving into a blank canvas in the New Consciousness, and we have the opportunity to do things differently this time. 

We can choose to be captained by our soul resonance, and be served by our ego selves, as opposed to now being captained by our Ego and being served by our soul. 

This video focuses on :

  1. Explaining what the soul resonance is and what the Ego resonance is. 
  2. The healthy use of both the Ego and the Soul resonances (yes… the ego is useful if tapped into in a balanced, healthy way)
  3. 9 simple and practical tips and techniques to move from Ego resonance to soul resonance. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this video. 



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