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A Nourishing Winter Solstice

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2021

As we settle into December Solstice, after an intense twenty four months where we have all been squeezed as what we are used to is collapsing around us, would it not be nice to pause and just breathe? 

We have all been navigating unexpected obstacles and challenges as we move through the change of consciousness at the moment.  We have all been tested, tugged at and thrown off our comfort zone into a big swirling vortex of uncertainty and confusion.

So, it would be nice to just have some time to refresh and reset ourselves as we close out this year.  This is so that we would be at the optimum state to set the course for the life we would like to create in 2022 and beyond.

Refreshing and resetting ourselves means focusing on nourishing ourselves.  Nourishing ourselves is about giving permission to be soothed, healed, comforted and refuelled as we move forward.  This will place us in the optimum vibration to create our life in the new consciousness.   

Nourishing ourselves also helps us align ourselves to pull to us what is in resonance with us, and to let go of that which hurts, drains and dampens our spirits.  So, when we take that first step practical to nourish ourselves, we take that first practical step create a life we wish to lead in 2022.

The first thing to do to nourish ourselves is to determine our core happiness. What ignites our passion? What gives us that comforting glow and warmth in our hearts or core?

After my NDE, which in itself is my giant personal reset button, I remembered this one day laying in bed with my husband and my two fluffy girls, indulging in my latest obsession, Korean Dramas.  I looked up from the TV screen and suddenly realised how very contented I was… my family around me, in a warm comfortable home. It was then that I realised that my core happiness was being with my family.

Many things that I had previously thought were important were pretty accessories that gave me fleeting moments of happiness. These have taken my focus away from my core happiness.  I had taken my core happiness for granted and pursued fleeting happiness. Now, however, I know that my family provides that long term slow burning ember of nourishing warmth that fuels my core.  So now, I am building my life around that.

Once we determine that core happiness, then we can work out the crucial details  to build our lives around the core happiness.  This would include work, hobbies, activities and people that nourish us as well.  Basically, whatever we put our energy, time and attention needs to nourish us as much as possible. 

Our lives are so complicated that it is good to break things down into bite sized doable chunks so that we can have visibility of the aspects that we would like to work on. 

For example – for my personal activities, I have broken it into these areas :


  • Read books that empower, educate and fill me with hope
  • Create your own bullet journal to take charge of your life
  • Discuss what is happening in the world with people with depth and perspective of a big picture view


  • Eat predominantly natural, organic produce
  • Indulge occasionally with chocolate. JAll bets off during Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and celebration days.
  • Yoga for at least 3 weeks in a month.  Run during the warmer months.
  • Find time everyday to pause and take a deep breath in nature.
  • Meditate and find quiet time every day to centre and calm self


  • Watch amazing Korean Dramas by fabulous writers
  • Spend quality time everyday bonding with the family every day.

 An example of a core happiness Mind Map.


Of course we will all be faced by unpleasant happenings that we will need to manage and deal with as we progress through our life. However, we can mindfully choose to nourish ourselves as much as possible, as opposed to merely reacting to the situation around us.

At the end of the day, nourishing ourselves is choosing to value and care for ourselves.  Nourishing ourselves is choosing to take charge of our lives in a way that works for us. Nourishing ourselves is choosing to create our lives in the way that we would like in the new consciousness.

 So, as we move forward into 2022, I wish you all an abundantly nourishing year as we keep moving together towards creating the New Consciousness.



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