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Empowering the Divine Feminine – Online Course Launch

online course Jan 24, 2020

Hi Everyone

I am so excited and delighted to announce the launch of my Online Self Help Course: Empowering the Divine Feminine in the New Consciousness. 

Inspired by my second book, The Magdalene Lineage, this course offers major mind shift and practical self-help tips and techniques to heal and empower the Divine Feminine within.

Through empowering ourselves, we will then be able to integrate the Divine Feminine with the Sacred Masculine within, thereby reaching Oneness, within us and outside of us.

This Course for anybody, men and women, who wish to heal and empower their Divine Feminine aspects within, to transition into and live in the New Consciousness empowered, strong and whole.

This quick 6-minute video gives a really thorough introduction to the course.

As part of the launch, I have created this really fun yet insightful quiz to Discover your Divine Feminine Archetype.   To take this quiz, just click on the image below. 

For more information and to sign up to this course, please click here.

I hope that you enjoy this course and quiz as much as I have enjoyed producing it for you.

Much Love



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