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How to Raise Our Personal Vibration

As we are shifting into the New Consciousness, we have to shift our own personal vibrations so that we are aligned with the vibrations of the New Consciousness.

This video starts off by briefly providing information about the shift to the New Consciousness.  Then the video provides simple and practical tips and techniques to help viewers become aware and raise personal vibration to cope with this shift in consciousness and to make this time of transition calmer and more comfortable.

The video touches on 3 areas that affect our personal vibration. It looks at :

  • How to raise the vibration of our home or personal space
  • How to raise the vibration of our person
  • How to Consume physically, mentally, and emotionally with conscious intention

The video also gives tips on how to honour our personal resonance. When we consciously commit to raising our vibration, our environment will change around us.  We will feel uncomfortable with some of the old aspects of our lives. So, we need to develop the courage to let go and move on. This video briefly touches on how to do that for a more comfortable New Consciousness Living.

I hope that you enjoyed the video, and found it helpful. 

If you have any questions or wish to add more tips and techniques to raise our personal vibration, please feel free to comment below. 

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