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How to Sift Truth from Information as We Shift to the New Consciousness

During this time, we are constantly being bombarded by so much information. The noise from the external world is deafening. From the media, to social media, to a culture of wanting to be heard, there is just so much information out there.

However, much of this information is so polarising and confusing, and sometimes twists us into a pretzel because we just do not know what to believe and which bit of information is true. This is also contributing to the chaos of the change and transition that we are experiencing as we move into the New Consciousness.

This video provides information about :
a. The Shift to the New Consciousness
b. Difference between Truth and Information
c. Simple and Practical Tips that we can use to Glean Truth from all the Information out there

When we can disseminate truth that is in resonant with our deeper self from all the information out there, we can move into the New Consciousness with calm, comfort and contentment.

I hope you enjoy this video.



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