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Overcome Fear through Empowerment

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2021

When I was a young working adult, having just entered the Corporate World, I was given advise that I have never forgotten.  I chose to pursue Public Relations as a profession and at such a young age, which amounted to being a glorified baby sitter. So, the company I was working for was doing some business with Ericsson, at that time a major player in the telecommunications industry, and I was hand holding a Senior Executive within the company. 

The advice he gave me was “Knowledge is Power”, and it is something that I have never forgotten.  With knowledge, one is educated and there has the freedom to make informed decisions and choices.  Knowledge is empowering.

This is one of the reasons why the Nobel Prize Winner, Malala Yousafzai, an activist for the education of women and children in her native Swat Valley, northwest Pakistan, where the local ruling Pakistani Taliban had at times banned girls from attending school, risked her life being shot in the face to keep fighting for women’s education.  Those without education and knowledge are kept in the dark and are controlled. Those who do not use thinking faculties are also kept in the dark and are controlled.

Education and knowledge bring light. Cognitive thinking also brings light. These assets bring us out of darkness and fear, into empowerment and light.

When we are empowered, we minimise, if not eradicate, the fear that we have.  When we are empowered, we can make informed choices.  When we are empowered, we can free ourselves to just step into the light.

Empowerment tips the scale of balance between dark and light.

In my books, Shrouded Truthand The Magdalene Lineage, when Mary was controlled by the patriarchal culture of ancient Judae, she was in darkness, suppression and oppression.  However, with a lot of sacrifice and courage, she left that darkness and followed a path of empowerment and knowledge with Jesus and his followers. During that time, she found the light – not just the light of choices and freedom to be herself, but also the light of her own Divine Self.  She embraced that light and truly embraced her choices and herself.

So, in a world today where fear is the predominant emotion permeating the mass consciousness, the best way to overcome it is through empowering ourselves.  We have to empower ourselves through :

  1. Our health
  2. Our knowledge and information to understand our choices and consumption

Our understanding of our body’s needs and wants is a major factor of empowerment for us during this time.  Each body is as individual as the soul that the body houses. So, each body will need tailor made choices to help it navigate through this time safely.  That means attuning ourselves and listening closely to our bodies, which will tell us what it needs to stay strong and healthy. It could more exercise, it could be more vitamins, it could be certain types of foods.  Understanding our bodies is key to empowering ourselves to move away from the fear of the times we are living in, into a strong healthy state.

The other aspect to empower ourselves with is knowledge and information.  Listening to just one perspective or another contracts us in a world of duality and fear.  We need to be open enough to expose ourselves to all the perspectives out there, and use our intuitive and critical thinking powers to decide what is best for ourselves.  We are all individuals, and one size does not fit all.  The best person who can decide this is our individual selves. The best way we can decide for ourselves is by making informed decisions.

One of the reasons why Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their followers dared to push boundaries and bring about light into the world that they lived in and within people that they touched is because they were empowered individuals.  They were empowered by

  1. Embracing their inner Divine Light
  2. Having the awareness and exposure to knowledge and information that helped them see the world with expanded consciousness.
  3. Seeing choices all around them, even if many of those choices went against the grain of the patriarchal culture that they were embroiled in

Sometimes moving through the path of empowerment takes courage.  Sometimes courage will take us on the path of empowerment.  It just depends on where we are with it.

The first step is a question we have to ask ourselves : are we ready to overcome fear through empowerment?

The choice is ours.

Happy March Equinox 2021 everyone. 

Much Love


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