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Pioneering the New Earth

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2022

A pioneer is someone who helps create new ideas or methods, ways of doing things and even ways of thinking, venturing into new areas and settle it. 

There are so many types of pioneers.  The Ingalls family of ‘The Little House on the Prairie’were physical pioneers – moving onto new land and settling it to raise their family. 

There are intellectual pioneers, exploring new ideas and theories – Nicholas Copernicus and Galileo Galilei for example, published credible theories that the Earth revolved around the Sun, during a time when the commonly held view was that the Earth was at the centre, as stated by the Holy Scriptures. 

There are the social pioneers – those who stood up against slavery, fought for women’s rights as examples.

Then there are the spiritual pioneers, like Gautama Buddha, who founded Buddhism, and of course Jesus, who was teaching a new way of being against the established political and religious hierarchy.

Pioneering is not easy. 

Pioneers have to give up the comfort of old, established habits to create new ideas, ways of thinking and ways of doing things.  All pioneers have all faced challenges and obstacles – whether it is a tough terrain to plough, or pushing past the fierce resistance of the established ways and ideas. 

Pioneering requires tenacity, courage and commitment to the new.  Pioneering also involves sacrifice – friends and families who distance themselves from new revolutionary ideals they don’t understand, creature comforts, jobs, established lifestyles, reputation.

However, pioneering enables the birth of the new – new ideas, new ways of being, new knowledge, new settlements.  Pioneering challenges and breaks down outdated behaviours and ineffective social conditioning, opening a whole new world that may not have been considered before.   It is an opportunity to move away from what has stopped working and to embrace new ways that do work.

Where would we be without the ancestors who came before us and settled the land on which that we currently live on?

What would our understanding of astronomy and physics be without Copernicus and Galileo?

What would have happened if women were not given the chance to vote or be educated?  Or if slavery was still legal?

Where would we be without the wisdom of Buddha or Jesus?

Although pioneering is tough, the rewards and impact are immeasurable.   

Now, we all have the opportunity to be pioneers of the New Earth.

We are fortunate to have had so many before us that we can look to learn how pioneer.

1.  No Pioneer is alone – Pioneering is done by communities

Copernicus and Galileo were not the only people who put theories out about the Earth revolving around the sun. Philolaus, Pythagoras, prominent members of Islamic Astronomy were their predecessors. They also had successors like Isaac Newton, whose work helped the theory be accepted.

Those fighting for women’s right to vote, making slavery illegal, fought as groups and communities.  Communities passed the wisdom of Jesus and Buddha to one another.

In the same way, as we are birthing the New Earth, there are communities where like-minded individuals are banding together.  Many of us have or are facing our old social networks falling away as we disengage from the old ways of being that we do not resonate with.  However, we are developing new social networks, through physical get-togethers, social media groups or various associations, pulled together by shared vision, values and goal of creating the new. 

These communities will be the foundation pillars through which the New Earth will be created.  With similar ideas and ideals, they are surreptitiously creating new ways of being and living.  While the old consciousness is slowly crumbling, these new communities will be anchor points for the new. 

2. Commitment and integrity to their path 

Pioneers before us have all shown resilience and commitment to their faith, knowledge and path.  No matter what was thrown at them, they stuck resolutely to their path – even when their lives, lifestyle and reputation were threatened. 

Consciousness is a subtle foundation of our being. So the shift in consciousness will impact everyone.  However because it is so subtle, many people may not understand or believe in it.  So, when we change our ways and go against the established or conditioned path, we may be mocked, ostracised or disbelieved.   

As long we are committed shifting to the New Earth, with new consciousness, and are prepared to let go of what does not resonate for what will, our faith and resilience to move forward will help keep us on our path to create and birth the new. 

3. Not give in to shame or fear or guilt

All pioneers have been shamed for going against the establishment or be seen to be guilty of disturbing the peace of society (when instead they are threatening the established cultural conditioning, political or social institutions, or established hierarchy).  As a result, most pioneers, especially those at the forefront, have been threatened and society programmed to fear them. 

Early Christians were threatened and thrown into Arenas by the Romans. Galileo was declared a heretic by the Church, his books banned.  The Suffragettes were branded as militants and imprisoned for their campaign tactics to give women the right to vote and stand for election.

 Jesus and the early Christians did not give into the establishment.  Galileo never retracted his work.  The Suffragettes never diverted from their goal.

According to Dr. David R. Hawkins M.D. in his book Power vs Force, he calibrated levels of emotions with vibration.  Shame, Guilt and Fear hold the lowest vibrations, emotions that are being harnessed a lot these days. 

If we buy into constant fear, shaming, feeling guilty, we are absorbing and holding some of the lowest vibrations. However, if we hold onto faith, hope, harmony and live meaningfully as we birth a New Earth, we will keep our vibrations high, and create the new with our elevated frequency. 

4. Using Intuition to Create

Every single pioneer created a new world despite obstacles and challenges external to them.  They ploughed through and created a new path.

Every one of them followed their internal intuition as opposed to being swayed by the external noise. 

The same would apply if we pioneer the new consciousness.  Firstly, as it is a new consciousness, many of the old ways will not apply.  There will be so little that is established or familiar.  So we have to follow our intuition to create.  We have to follow our internal guidance to do what resonates as opposed to listening external dissent. 

Being a pioneer for the New Earth will involve plenty of letting go and rebuilding.  We have the opportunity to create a world that we want to live in, a world that totally resonates with us, with social structures and social network that vibe with us. 

We have the opportunity to usher in the Golden Age.   

Isn’t that worth it?



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