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The Breakthrough After the Breakdown

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2021

Last year I read a great book by Dr. David R Hawkins, Power vs Force – The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour.  He conducted a study where he measured the energy fields of consciousness of seventeen different emotions and mapped it out.  The three emotions that recorded the lowest numbers are shame, guilt and despair.  Fear is the fifth lowest.  The three emotions that recorded the highest numbers are enlightenment, peace and joy.  Love is the fourth highest.

This Map has changed my behaviour significantly.  I am now very much more aware of the underlying base emotions that are being elicited.  Threatening negotiation stances, shaming ideologies, guilt-ridden narratives, all designed to control and fit another into one’s own agenda.  I have become more aware of this.  I have realised that that is a playbook that I do not wish to be part of any more.  So, I have checked out of it all. 

We humans are social creatures.  To fit into and climb up those social constructs, we tend to create social standards for ourselves and for society.  We build our identity around these standards.  Then we are either judged or tend to judge others based on those social standards.  When those standards are threatened, most will hold on tightly to these standards, because when those standards threatened, so is our standing in society (reputation), way of life, as well as our identity.  These days, even our income can be threatened.

I always think back about the accounts of Mary Magdalene from The Magdalene Lineage. In order to break away from the socially conditioned constructs and follow her calling, she was harshly judged by members of her family, her social group, and the close knit society in general.  She lost everything – her reputation, her money, her home, her friends, and nearly her life. 

It takes absolute courage person to let go of everything that they are used to and that has made them comfortable.  It takes true empowerment to stand up against the pressures of societies’ threats, judgements and punishments and follow one’s true heart.  

It’s normally a small handful of souls that have the true value of self to break away from their belief constructs and social conditioning to truly embrace their internal compass and values.

However, the rewards on the other side are immeasurable. According to TheMagdalene Lineage, Mary Magdalene found pure joy, in being with Jesus, who kept encouraging her to just be herself.  She felt peace with the new group of people she was spending time with people, who mostly not only shared her values and beliefs, but who saw her and accepted her for who she was, without prejudice or judgement from their own standards.  She obtained the enlightenment of what is truly her essence and she lived in her authentic essence, as opposed to trying into the mould and standards that others impose on her.

To have her break through, her life first broke down.

Break-throughs always follows break-downs.

As we are moving into the New Consciousness, we are going through the break down of the old before breaking through to the new.  I have had many clients and friends who are going through this right now. 

I have one client, who after ten years of her worth being meticulously stripped by her husband through emotional and mental abuse and put downs in an effort to exert complete control over her, she has taken the brave step of moving out and filing for divorce.  Before she made the decision to separate, she was very nervous. She did not know what to expect. She was scared of the unknown yet was not happy with the known.  She got a lot of resistance from people around her.  Yet she gritted her teeth, faced them head on and followed her heart.  After she had moved out, I asked her how she felt two weeks after.  She sighed and answered, “I feel peace.  I can never go back to him.” 

The divorce is proving to be stressful, but she is persevering with it.  The divorce is the break down.  Every break down is painful, stressful, frightening and one doubts oneself as familiar, comforting structures crash all around us.  It takes plenty of courage, resilience and mastery to hold onto our visions and proceed through the breakdown. The guiding light that we can all hold onto is that after the breakdown is the breakthrough – where there is peace, joy, calm, and if one perseveres, there is then illumination.

Change is a process of breaking down and breaking through. During the breakdown process, we get to see what it is we do not resonate with.  We get to see what exactly what makes our hearts expands and discern what makes our heart contracts.  This could be situations, things, people, ideologies, belief systems and social conditioning. We then take a little time to grieve it and let go of what does not suit us, and move towards what is in resonance with ourselves.

There will inevitably be an end to the breakdown.  At the end of the breakdown, there is the dawn of the breakthrough.  So during the process of breakthrough, we have to hold onto our mastery, our consummate skill in holding our resonance and moving towards the consciousness we love without faltering and giving into the threats, fear, shaming and guilt that comes with finding and following the independence of our hearts.

From a global / macro perspective, we are going through this breakdown now. So, now is the time for us to discern for ourselves… what consciousness do we want to be in? Do we wish to buy into the narrative, hang on to the belief systems and embrace a life style of guilt, shame, despair and fear? Or do we wish to move forward towards a consciousness of illumination, enlightenment, peace, joy, and love?

As always, the choice is ours.

Once we have decided, we just hold onto that vision, go through the shaking process of the breakdown, until we have that breakthrough and move into the New Consciousness.

We are all in this together. 

Happy Solstice 2021

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