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Healing from Covid-19 - My Symptoms, Recovery and Tips on What Gave Me Strength to Heal

covid-19 healing Aug 15, 2020

I contracted Covid-19 at the end of March 2020 and I had it quite severely. In this long, chatty video, I wanted to share my experience to help inform and give strength to anyone else who is going through it, based on my experience.

While I was sick, one of the big things I needed was strength to recover - a lot of strength. However most of the sources I looked at for help was devoid of strength.

So I wanted to share all the sources of strength that have helped me - in case this video can help someone else and be a source of strength for them. In this video, I cover :

a. A brief medical history and probable reason for my contraction

b. Symptoms and recovery timeline

c. What gave me strength to heal

d. How you can give strength to help a patient with Covid-19 recover

I hope that you enjoy this and it's been helpful. 



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