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Moving in the New Earth with Hope

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2021

In my last Solstice message, I talked about the breakthrough after the breakdown.  This equinox, our focus will be on moving into the New Earth with Hope.

As the energies are coming in fast and strong and we are birthing the New Earth, many of the structures that we are used to, or have taken for granted, are breaking down around us.  Whether it is at a macro or personal level, the breaking down is a destabilising process, and some can be downright scary.  We suddenly find friends drifting away, jobs falling away and what we have been taking for granted changing and shifting. Some of us may be faced with hard truths raining down on us, pushing us to question some of the fundamental structures in our lives.

Though scary, this is a time of change.  Change only occurs when we are edged past what we are comfortable with.  Evolution only occurs when we question and change. So, the more things are shaken up, the more we question and the more we evolve.

What takes away the fear of the breakdown is the hope of the breakthrough. The breakthrough offers us an opportunity to create our lives as we move forward into the New Earth.

There are three steps to focus on the breakthrough :

Step 1 : Start manifesting what we wish to create in the New Earth based on what resonates with us

Step 2 : Be led by our internal guidance and compass and slowly let go of dependence on the external

Step 3 : Self Empowerment

The first step of focusing on what we wish to manifest in as we are walking towards the breakthrough is deciding what resonates and works for us, and what does not.  Then taking what resonates for us, we can begin the process of visualising and creating the life we wish to materialise past the breakthrough.  

Some of us may already be experiencing the dropping away of aspects of our lives.  When this happened to me, I just take it that it is not right for me as we move into the new beginning that is coming.  Then I turn my attention to whether I would like to replace it, and if so, what I would like to replace it with. So as I say good bye to what does not serve me, I am filled with the hope of something new and exciting that is coming along that will fit my current vibrations. 

With some aspects of our lives, we have to make the conscious effort to let things go, especially if we feel like they are holding us back from moving forward.  Much like a spring clean, we are making way for what does resonate in our lives. Letting things go is a cathartic process.  So it is best to take the time to grieve, settle, rest and then refocus our intentions on bringing what resonates into our lives.

The second step to create a life that resonates with us as we move towards the breakthrough is to be led with our own hearts and minds. As we move into the New Consciousness, we are facing new and exciting time and opportunities that we have not encountered before.  So, to create in the big unknown, we have to move into our hearts and hold our vision strong.  We also need to do research and look deeper into issues and challenges to solve them. As the breakdown is occurring, external illusions that have been created around us are crumbling too.  The only anchor we have through this is our internal compass, and our intuition.

When we follow our intuition, relevant research material will come to us for us to consult with, so we can match out internal wisdom with our external rationality. This happened a lot to me when I was looking for research material for Shrouded Truth, The Magdalene Lineageand Divine Consciousness.  I was led to the books that I needed during seemingly random times.  For example, there was this time when I was looking to purchase organic toothpaste on Amazon and Amazon recommended a book to me that I needed for my research. All we have to do is to keep that faith, trust in our intuition and our manifestations.

In following our internal lead, we start tapping into self mastery. As the external illusions are crumbling, sometimes our internal compass may lead us in a direction that may raise eyebrows of some people or even an entire society. So, we have to ensure that we stay the course even though we get push back from those around us.  As long as we stay true to our resonance, we will attract new people and opportunities of our resonance to us, and those who are in a different vibration will drop away.  This may take time, but as long as we tap into our self mastery and stay true to our vision and resonance, we will be able to create our new life in the New Earth.

The third step is our knowing that we can do this.  This is all about self empowerment. Empowerment is knowing that we will thrive with our choices no matter what challenges we face as we manifest and build our new world.  We have to be empowered in the knowledge that we have, in our strength as we build our new world and in the faith that we have with our internal compass and knowing. This is the best way to ensure that we do not get tangled and tempted by any external illusions. 

Real empowerment is sometimes difficult to achieve, especially when there is strong push back from the external world.  Again, this requires us to stay strong in our self mastery – being disciplined in knowing and trusting our inner wisdom and our inner compass.  Of course, our external actions and choices have to match our inner state. Real empowerment is not about making wishes and not following up with them.  It is about making the wishes and following up with practical steps to make them come true as we move into the New World. Sometimes the path is not so straightforward… there may be dips, turns and U-turns. Again, we need to embrace our self mastery and hold true to our course. 

We will definitely get there.  

When we focus on creating the New Earth, rather than the breakdown of the old, we can move forward with hope, playing an active role in manifesting and creating the lives that we wish to lead.  Then the breakdown stops being quite so frightening. Instead, we can look forward and create our New Earth with hope.

Much Love



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